Outlook Technical Support Phone Number To get Best Outlook Support
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August 18, 2017
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Outlook Technical Support Phone Number To get Best Outlook Support

Why Am I Not Able To Receive Emails Sent On My Outlook Email Account?

Outlook Technical Support Phone Number +1-855-490-2999

Outlook Technical Support phone number +1-855-490-2999

What if someone has sent an email to your Outlook email and you are unable to receive it? Well, that is simply because of any issue with your Outlook mail. You can call Outlook Technical Support Phone Number to get a solution for this problem. Or, if you are looking to try it on your own, then you will need to perform several things.

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  • Check email junk folder

You can take a look at your Outlook email folder list. Go to ‘Junk email’ folder and find that missing mail that you were expecting.

If you think there are emails that you shouldn’t have marked as junk, then you need to right click on all those emails and choose the option ‘mark as not junk’. Those emails will be moved into your inbox folder automatically.

  • Check inbox filter and fix all the settings

If your Outlook email inbox has filtered emails on the basis of categories, or if you have sorted emails in an order that you don’t usually sort with, then you might face the issue of not able to see expected emails. You can filter and sort emails by clicking at the top of the email list.

  • In order to filter, you need to select ‘Filter’ followed by ‘All’.
  • In order to sort emails, select ‘Filter’ and then, ‘Sort by’.

If you want to check your recent emails, then you need to choose ‘Date’. If you are looking for emails from a specific individual, then choose ‘From’. In order to change the order, you can choose that option again.

  • Check the ‘Other’ tab.

  • Examine your blocked senders and safe senders list.

  • Check your junk email settings.

  • Examine your email rules.

  • Check email forwarding.

  • Check if your inbox is full.

  • Contact the sender.

If you have tried all these things, yet the problem is not solved, then contact Outlook Technical Support Phone Number, as now they can only fix the problem.

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