Roadrunner customer support number for Best Email Support.
Roadrunner mail support phone number +1-833-445-7444
How To Setup Road Runner Account On Your Samsung S5 Device?
August 17, 2017
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Roadrunner customer support number for Best Email Support.

Roadrunner customer support number +1-855-490-2999

Roadrunner customer support number +1-855-490-2999

    What Is 501 Error In Roadrunner Email And How To Get Rid Of It?

Roadrunner email service has garnered a huge customer base in the past few years. The company is riding on its exceptional service and simplified usability, Roadrunner customer support number which has led to such a steep rise in the customer base. But, this doesn’t mean that RR email is a platform free from any error.

There have been issues that are experienced by customers in this platform from time to time.

But, people have the option of getting the right solution for those issues by calling at Roadrunner customer support number.

The issue that we will discuss today is an error, i.e., 501 error, and it must be fixed if people want to use RR email in a smooth and uninterrupted manner.

Many people are using Windows Live Mail as their Roadrunner email client. Both the platforms work well with one another, but in recent times, some people saw their emails not being able to send due to 501 error.

What this error is and how it occurred in the first place, people had no clue about it. They were seeing a message on their computer’s screens that ‘outgoing mail server (SMTP) settings need to be reconfigured’. Call Roadrunner email technical service number company to find server settings.

  1. Server Error: 501.
  2. Secure (SSL): No.
  3. Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC79.
  4. Server: ‘’.
  5. Server Response: 501 5.5.2 RCPT TO Syntax error.
  6. Port: 587 or 25.

If these settings can also not fix the problem, then you will have to get your Roadrunner email account checked by a professional. They will be able to figure out the problem and will also provide the right solution for the same.

So, find the number of Roadrunner technical customer support and get rid of 501 error. There could be some other underlying issue that has resulted in this error.

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