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August 16, 2017
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Why Email Is Not Being Delivered To Yahoo?

Yahoo email has a huge user base, and it’s all because of the efficiency and reliability of this email service.

Yahoo password recovery support could have all the problems except downtime. People who have been using this email service for past many years haven’t found any down times in it. Yes, there were a few occasions when Yahoo mail was not available for a few seconds or minutes, but that’s still OK considering that there wasn’t any major fault in the system of Yahoo mail. Now, Yahoo has changed its practices in the recent times and has taken a tough stand against unsolicited email. As a result of this, many legitimate emails and even domains are being blocked.

Yahoo password recovery support +1-855-490-2999

Yahoo password recovery support +1-855-490-2999

If you are using Yahoo email as your primary email account, then you must be experiencing some issues while receiving your emails, right? Lately, Yahoo started gray listing all those emails that were going through their server.

They just de-prioritize emails without checking what was mentioned in the emails. Yahoo considers this as a method to curb spam, but according to the majority of the people, this is a technical fault, which must be rectified soon, So dial Yahoo password recovery Support to Speak with Experts.

What Yahoo has done is, it has blocked the IP address of the email that they believe to be spam, as they assumed that spammers won’t send the same email twice. When the delivery time is long gone, and the email is received again, then Yahoo will automatically consider as a good email. Spammers will hack the account as well, and then you will have to call at Yahoo customer support number to get a new password in order to secure your account.

The downside of this practice is that spammers don’t care to send the same email one time, two times or thousand times. So, the approach Yahoo has taken is going to add three spam emails in the inbox of the users.

As a result of all these things, you will not be able to send emails to your contacts whom you could have sent an email easily on any given day. This will happen even when the sender is conforming to all the internet related rules and regulations.

Yahoo in its move to rectify this problem has suggested people use its form with all the details regarding the problem. Submitting this form will notify the company regarding the problem, and then, they will take an appropriate action.

Yahoo password recovery support helps you to solve out your all issues related to Yahoo mail

The easiest approach to send and receive emails in Yahoo is by getting white listed. You need to do all those things that Yahoo thinks is legal. If your email has been listed in blocked email list, and you think that your account was compromised, then better call Yahoo password recovery Technical Ccustomer support number and get this issue fixed.



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