November 28, 2022

Types of household cleaners

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When you take a look at today’s situation one thing which keeps ringing in our minds is the coronavirus and how to get rid of it. Even though there’s nothing much which you can do about it but there are certainly precautionary measures which you need to follow in order to make sure that you are safe and away from the virus. Here are some of the household cleaners which you can use and be sure that the bacteria and virus has left.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide helps in getting rid of a variety of microorganisms so you can consider it as a 360 degree cleaner. You can use it on almost any surface while some people like mixing it with water because of its concentration, others use it as it is in small amounts on the furniture. What you need to take care of while using hydrogen peroxide is that you keep it away from fabric and any such sensitive surface. Wear gloves while using this cleaner to make sure you don’t get an alternate reaction.

  • Alcohol cleaners

Alcohol is one of the first things which you would hear people recommending you for cleaning because it is one of the most effective household cleaner against pathogens and coronavirus specifically. The condition here for using rubbing alcohol is that you will have to use the one 70% concentration and while most would range from 60-99% you still need to make sure it is more than seventy in order to work against coronavirus.

  • Vinegar as an alternate won’t work

Some rumours on the internet would tell you that vinegar would work as an alternate to alcohol because it seems to be effective in getting rid of smell of fish or other such things but this is not true for coronavirus. Vinegar is not registered as one of the cleaning agents that would clean germs and get rid of coronavirus. Please don’t waste such liquids that can be used for cooking.

If you still don’t know how or which one to use you can always contact sanitizing cleaning services Dubai who will do their work with expertise and disinfect the whole place, you wouldn’t even have to worry about the cleaners because they will do the work for you. Disinfection cleaning services in Dubai will be the most useful one for you in times of COVID-19.

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