November 28, 2022

Difference between general and special Power of Attorney

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There is a huge difference between these two powers of attorneys and it is necessary that you understand its meaning so that you can carry out tasks easily.

  • General power of attorney

General power of attorney is basically a general authority that you allow someone to have upon your decisions on your behalf. There is no specification or limitation in this kind of power as the POA will be able to make decision about every single thing ranging from tax payments to bigger issues of engaging in contracts on your behalf with your signature. When you sign the document of POA in which you will state the date from when they are about to commence this position you will also have to determine when the contract ends. In that time period your POA will have complete control over your decisions and make them on your behalf. This kind of commitment is a bit scary as the POA will do anything they please and their actions can be completely biased if they are not true and honest to you unless you hire a professional who will make sure nothing such happens.

  • Special Power of Attorney

This is an easier and simpler approach to hiring a POA as it states the specific purpose where and how the POA is allowed to make decisions on your behalf. Whereas in general, there are no limitations as to how your POA can be used. There are different kinds of special power of attorney Dubai for different purposes such as you can hire a POA for medical reasons where they can make decision on your behalf for you when you are not able to, or financial POA who will deal with the different financial matters of your family and business. This way no abuse of power can be assured as they are legally bound to stay in their limits instead of exceeding them which can put them into huge trouble. It is always a wise decision to hire a professional lawyer for such position as they will work with unbiased choices and professionally. There are different options than lawyers that you can opt for and one of them is a family member.

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