May 24, 2024

How to hire employees?

2 min read

Every company needs employees. And as the company progress or as the time passes, the need of employees and employers increases due to which the seniors and heads of each department have to start hiring process to get more assistants in the form of clerks and workers. 

Each company needs specific type of employee but there are some things which is very important to look at. Although, degree matters, experience matters more. However, it does not mean that you don’t give a new person try or chance to work. It is very important to give them chance because they are also humans. They are somehow intelligent like all humans- no human is dumb and idiot, therefore, giving them a chance will benefit a company. 

The most important which a senior or head should look in the person who has come for interview is passion and determination. If the person is determined and passionate to work. If he or she has passion to do something in which he or she has interest then try that person. Firstly hire him temporarily and then make him or her a permanent employee if he would perform well or he is improving. Besides, judge the person on the basis of etiquettes and his behavior. If he or she respect his or her employers and does not involve in office politics, then hire him permanently. Behavior has importance; therefore, give it importance and judge the person on its basis. 

Beside behavior and passion, give importance to degree as well. If he or she has knowledge of his or her field then it means that he is able to work in office. You can hire the person on temporary basis, firstly or keep them as intern for few weeks but try him or her. It will teach him something and benefit you as well. 

So, these are few things to look at. Every human is intelligent. All they need is improvement. So if you reject somebody, so tell them their weak points so that they can improve themselves and make themselves able to work at their desired office and workplace after sometime. Your words can motivate them but your silence can lead them to wrong way. Therefore, guide them. 

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