May 24, 2024

What are the applications of fiber glass?

2 min read

Fibreglass has so many applications and uses. Some of them are:

  1. Brewing Industry: It is used in bottle lines and brewing industry to keep surface of bottles fro corrosion. 
  2. Manufacturing: It is in manufacturing industry because of its grit surface that keep the materials from slipping and rusting. 
  3. Food processing: It is used to process chicken and beef because of its anti-slippery property that hold up the blood and keep the meat stuff. 
  4. Docks: It is used in marines and docks to keep them safe from salty water. Salty water could corrode them. 
  5. Car washing: It is used to prepare car wash because it resist rush and brighten the cars a lot besides cleaning them. 
  6. Chemical industry: It is used in chemical industries because it resist effects of different chemicals which make it suitable to use with reacting chemicals after mixing it with resins. 
  7. Cooling towers: Cooling towers are wet and water can corrode or rust them. Thus, to save them from rusting and corrosion, fibreglass is used. Moreover, it is used for screen to keep humans and animals save from drowning.
  8. Aquariums and fountains: It is used in aquariums and fountains because it makes the transportation of water easy. It keep spray headers and light save. Moreover, it saves people from drowning.
  9. Electronics: It is used to make bodies of different electronic items to keep them from rusting and corrosion. You can buy different sandwich makers of this body from retail fit out in Dubai or signage companies in Dubai for cheap!
  10. Aerospace: It is used in aerospace industry to make indestructible body of different equipment because it is rust resistant. 
  11. Defense industry: It is used to make military equipment’s tough bodies to make them rust and chemicals resistant.
  12. Automobile industry: It is used to make car body parts and structure of car bodies to make them anti slippery and keep them from rusting and corrosion.
  13. Paper industry: It is used to make pulp because of its being anti-slippery property. The pulp, made from it, is used to make paper. The papers, made from such pulps, would be resistant to different chemicals and would not slip.
  14. Planting: It is used to plant plants in erect soil to make them anti-slippery.
  15. Power generation: Because it does not conduct heat and electricity, it is used to make bodies of materials that conduct heat and electricity like tank arms to keep people from electric shock.