May 24, 2024

Weird things only found in New Zealand

2 min read

Just a fair warning here that after seeing these weirdly amazing things you may have a sudden urge to contact New Zealand immigration agents in Dubai to witness these things yourself because they are captivating, unique but most of all, found only in New Zealand.

  • Hunt the Simpsons Donut

People of New Zealand love making giant versions of things and the huge donut is just one of the many giant things that they have built. You can find a classic Simpsons donut in the Springfield standing right in the middle since the movie came out in 2007. Go visit it yourself and you will be amazed at the creativity.

  • Splash water in Wellington

Cuba Mall has this really colourful bucket structure made that stands in the middle and is filled with water. Every now and then the water would spill from the fountain splashing water on the passer bys which has become a kind of attraction especially on weekends when the bubbles are added and the party begins.

  • Gumboot festivals are a thing

In case you are confused what gumboots are, they are also known as willies and while they aren’t a major must have in other places, in New Zealand it is an important wardrobe essential as every year on Easter people celebrate the their love for gumboots where they are seen tossing their boots all around the giant one.

  • Paua Shells wall

Collecting different things is a habit that many people are accustomed to and some people take it to the very extremities such as Fred and Myrtle who collected paua shells for more than forty years from every local beach and instead of storing them in a jar or making a necklace out of it, they preferred dedicating entire interior of their house to it. When the couple deceased, their place was recreated with the shells in a Christchurch which is present to date.

  • The hobbit place

For all the Lord of the Rings fan this is a beautiful delight to know that the original hobbit place where it was shot still stands today and you can visit the house and click pictures and relive the place in real life. Immigration consultant in Dubai may tell you that it is not a good enough reason to move to New Zealand but don’t listen to them.