May 24, 2024

What students want in their schools?

2 min read

Students have some wants. They want following things in their schools:

  1. Sports: Sport is first and foremost love of students and children. They want to move their feet and hand to play and compete. And sports give them chance to move and win. There are so many sports and plays which teachers can add like football, basketball, tennis, hockey and others. They can even add indoor sports like table tennis, chess and scrabble. Squash would be unique and different addition. The addition of sports has a lot of benefits. Their attendance and academics will be improved. They will be more alert and focused. The class performance would have improvement. 
  2. Dance: Students want dance classes in their schools. Dance classes are beneficial. In a survey , researchers surveyed dance classes in Dubai and found out remarkable improvement in cognitive and neural pathways in students who were part of Hip Hop and classical dance. 
  3. Theatre plays and drama: Besides dance and sports, add the activities related to drama and theatre in school too because these activities will not only lessen the burden of studies but they will improve their language and speech. They will increase their confidence and vocabulary which make students able to grab the audience with their words and pitch. There are so many play in which the students can prepare act or you can teach them to write plays like at drama classes Dubai where students write, act and produce the play by themselves. 
  4. Creative writing: Creative writing is a skill which can win the hearts of anyone. Some students are born to be a writer but every student need some kind and level of writing skills so that he or she could express themselves by using words and pen easily. Teachers can hire a creative writer and have creative writing’s class every week in which they would be given a task to write a poem about their favorite or write few lines about their favorite book and many other things which the teacher think is good. 

Painting: Painting and drawing is another eye-gluing activity which schools can add to make their schools different and unique from others. For this, the principal can hire artist or a painter to teach students their skill according to their grade and capability. The artist can teach them sketching or blot printing too to make the course enjoyable.