May 24, 2024

Things you need to know before hiring a nanny

2 min read

In today’s world where people are more work oriented and they have less time to spend with their loved ones especially with their kids, they need to get some house help for doing their daily work. People who have anyone sick in their house can hire a home nurse Dubai who will be there 24/7 to take care of the patient and people have kids in their house and do not have time to take care of them for a few hours should hire a good British nanny Dubai. There are a few things which you need to know and take heed upon them before you hire a nanny. See these things below:

Treat as an employee: When you get a good nanny then she will treat your kids like their own and use your house as her own. She does not try to create any mess and keep your kids clean and well mannered. You have to treat them with respect like you treat any of your family member but you need to remember the reality that she is your employee and you have to pay for her services. If you think that you treat her well and let her use your house the way she likes or let her eat what she likes so you do not need to pay her, then you are mistaken. You hired her and for this you both agreed on a payment which you have to pay otherwise she will leave your house without thinking twice.

You are the employer: Always remember that you are her employer and you can set some rules and restrictions for her. Always be clear in all your rules and requirements at the beginning of your contract and if you are hiring for a long term then it is better to have a written contract with her in order to avoid any conflict afterwards. If you are hiring for day and night then set a day for her leave so that she can go to her home also you need to set rules about visitors related to her. You have to set an amount at the beginning and also about the meals. If you are hiring for few hours then there is no need to add meals in her benefits. If she needs meal then deduct it from payment.